Driveway Excavation

Beiler Brothers Asphalt provides driveway excavation services, including excavating to your specs, moving fill, and hauling away material. If you are considering replacing your blacktop or concrete driveway, we can help.

Replacing Your Concrete Driveway

Here is an example of removing and replacing a concrete driveway. Each project is unique and may need a customized solution.

  1. Crush the concrete and haul it off site.
  2. Remove the fill dirt and mud underneath the concrete.
  3. Add 8 inches of stone. The stone then gets fine-graded and compacted. Make sure that rainwater will drain away from all buildings and that there are no puddles on the surface.
  4. Pave the driveway with a 25mm binder rough asphalt coat and compact it. Pave the driveway the second time with a 9.5mm wearing coat, for a total of 4 inches compacted depth asphalt coating.

The price for a 45′ x 20′ driveway as described above is approximately $4,750.

Removing Asphalt Driveways without An Adequate Base

Asphalt with a strong base is just as strong as concrete and will stand the test of time. We recommend an 8 inch stone base with 2.5 inches of blacktop rather than a 2 inch stone base with 4 inches of blacktop.  Asphalt needs an adequate base (8 inches) for the following reasons:

  1. Asphalt is more flexible than concrete so it needs adequate support.
  2. The freeze thaw cycle during winter will not crack asphalt that has significant stone base.
  3. A good stone base provides adequate load-bearing qualities and proper water drainage.
  4. With heavy vehicle traffic, the blacktop will not move because it is supported.
  5. For commercial projects, a 12″ stone base is recommended.