Commercial Asphalt Paving

Beiler Brothers Asphalt has experience with commercial asphalt paving that includes township streets and mid-size parking lots.

The four owners all have years of experience with commercial paving in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where they worked for Beiler Paving. Beiler Paving has extensive experience with township streets, large agricultural paving projects that help Lancaster farmers, and small state projects. When Beiler Brothers Asphalt started in 2013 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, that experience was transferred to the new business operations. In the fall of 2013, after four months in business, we paved the Ohiopyle Visitors Center streets, a state-funded project. We have also done three township streets and numerous large parking lots.

General contractors and business owners need installations that stand the test of time and protect their investment. They are interested in a finished product that is durable, smooth, rugged, and aesthetically pleasing, yet not too expensive. We are a company that meets that criteria and offers solutions for general contractors and business owners.

For larger jobs, we subcontract the trucking to a local company. This saves us time and money and gives our customers the quality job required. Trucking is readily available and improves the crew’s efficiency.

Recent Commercial Paving Projects